About Us


The United States Marines Youth Foundation offers programs to our schools across the nation to assist our youth in getting involved with a fitness program.


The United States Marines Youth Foundation was incorporated in 1967 to endow the Youth Physical Fitness (YPF) Program and others like it benefiting American Youth.

National Youth Physical Fitness Program

The United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. provides program books and videos to athletic directors so they can set up a fitness program within their school or youth organization. The 22-page full color program book is a complete how-to book and comes with scoring charts, examples of the competitive exercises and even offers descriptions and examples of alternative exercises for students who are not at their peak fitness levels or may need special assistance. The K-12 Program is designed to teach kids at an early age about the importance of staying healthy and promotes a "Fitness for Life" message. Each year that a child participates in the program, and continues to show progress, he/she can earn a beautiful full-color certificate, up to ten total. As a child progresses through the program, and once they reach high school, they are eligible to participate in organized state, regional and national competition.

National High School Physical Fitness Program

High school aged kids in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in state, regional and national physical fitness competitions. Many high schools and youth groups form teams to compete at these events. The United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. funds and administers these events. Winners from the state competition advance to regional events. Regional winners ultimately earn a spot at the National High School Physical Fitness Championships held traditionally in San Diego each spring. Funding for the three levels of competition is based solely on private donations. In past years, the students had to raise the money themselves in order to participate at any level of competition. This kind of effort takes away from the Foundation’s focus - the "Fitness for Life" message.

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence Program

Each year the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. awards approximately 15,000 Semper Fidelis Awards for Musical Excellence certificates to deserving high school students. High school band directors from across the nation submit their student nominations for the year. The United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. provides the certificates to these schools free of charge. This certificate program is a tool that educators have to recognize deserving students and works towards keeping the Arts alive in our schools.

Officers and Board of Directors

Officers            Board Members              Corporate Members 
General Alfred M. Gray, USMC (Ret.)
  Maj. Gen Michael Regner   Mr. Douglas F. Fisk 
29th Commandant of the Marine Corps        Cmdt. MCL Wendell W Webb 
Chairman of the Board      Col. Herbert N. Harmon, USMCR (Ret.)   Mr. Thomas Mcllwee  
        President Emeritus 
Col. Michael T. Harrigan, USMC (Ret)
   Col. James Flynn, USMC (Ret.)   LtGen Stephen G. Olmstead, USMC (Ret)  
     Col. Robert P. Daday, USMCR 
  Director Emeritus 
LtGen Richard Kramlich, USMC (Ret.)
  BGen. James Joy, USMC (Ret.)  
Vice President    Col. Christian P.M. Klinefelter, USAR (Ret.)   SgtMaj. Ernest F. Seagle, USMC (Ret.)  
PDC. James Powell 
  Col. James A. Bracken, USMC (Ret.)    
    LtCol. Patrick Owen, USMC (Ret)  
PNC Helen Hicks
 Secretary   Natl. Chap Howard Schaeffer
 Foundation Staff   Major Paul F. Hastings, USMC (Ret.)  
MSgt Thomas W. Hazlett, Sr. USMC (Ret.)     
 Executive Director  

Sgt. Maj Devell Durham Jr.   
YPF Chairman